A good way to eat less and drink lots of water.


Hello everyone,

I thought i should share a tip that works for me, especially when i go out and i am tempted to over eat. Once your food as been served, get a big bottle of eva water beside you. For each two spoons of food you take, drink a glass of water. It works like magic. You would realise that you end up eating half of what you normally would eat and you have also taken lots of water which is beneficial for your weight loss. I make it a point of duty to drink at least 1liter of water when i am eating. IT makes it a lot easier. Hope this helps you guys.


  1. i’m confused, i’ve grown up with the habit of not drinking water when eating, i was told it delays the digestion of your food, and that you should drink water 20mins after eating. is this a myth? thanks for sharing.

  2. It is very bad to drink water while eating. It messes up your digestive juices, & slows down the entire digestive process. Water/any liquid should be drunk, at least 20 mins after food, and where at all possible the water should be room temperature or hot liquid.

    • I agreed with what colly said,eating and drinking water at the same time increases belly fat. After eating you wait for like 15 or 20 min before drinking water,you can equally drink water and wait like 10 or 15 min before eating that will make you not to consume more food. This is the secret to my flat tomy and it has worked for my friends.

        • Eating and drinking water is a bad way of eating,it slows digestion nd where it slows digestion,is it not fat its accumulating,at least do a research on that.what works for u as a weight loss teacher may not work for others.thanks.

          • Sweetheart, confirm your suspicion before jumping into conclusion. It doesnt make you accumulate fat.

  3. I’m on a weight loss program and have lost about 8kg in 3months. I diet and do a lot of exercising. However, my face seems to be looking pale and drawn as a result. WHat can i do to get my face look “alive” and healthy?

  4. hi doc,you are doing a good job.please keep it up.my question is, can i add lemon to the water?because it’s not easy to drink lots of water like that.and i think lemon too will detoxify the system?

  5. Im a fat girl and i wnt 2 reduce.In ur article i red all d kind of food but dose food is nt 4 poor ppl, deir expensive food. Pls is dere any alternative. God bless u. I wil expecting ur respond soon next. Thanks.

  6. I put to bed two months ago,n am breastfeedin, my stomach is sti excessively big n my body feels heavy,what can i do 2 burn dis fat off me cos its killing me

  7. i have always been informed that water shld not be taken during meal that it reduces the digestive role of saliva. this is the first time of reading that lots of water during meal helps,hope it does for me!

  8. Dear doc, compliments , do u think dt copper t iud is d reason for my non-weight loss despite my dieting nd exercise ???


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