How well do You know about Apple Cider Vinegar ‘Mother’? Find Out

Over the years, vinegar has been used for various purposes. Vinegar is a French word that means sour wine. It’s been used as both a household and a cooking agent. Most importantly, vinegar is revered for its health benefits especially the Apple Cider Vinegar popularly known as ACV. The Apple Cider Vinegar is the most popular vinegar in the natural health community.


ACV is made by fermenting the sugars from apples turning them into acetic acid. This acetic acid which is the main active compound in vinegar kills bacteria and prevents them from multiplying and reaching harmful levels. ACV is highly recommended for people with type 2 diabetes; pre-diabetes or even those who intend to keep their blood sugar levels low. Apple Cider Vinegar improves insulin sensitivity and significantly lowers blood glucose. Studies show that ACV can increase satiety thereby helping people to eat lower calories which in turn lead to weight loss.

Take this into consideration though; Apple Cider Vinegar alone will not automatically result in weight loss. Other activities like diet control and exercises would be an added advantage for a faster result.

ACV is often called ‘Mama’s’ because of one of its components called ‘the mother’ of vinegar. ‘The mother’ is said to be the powerhouse inside the bottle, it is referred to as strand like protein enzymes that are stripped out of clear vinegar as it is processed. It’s this additional nutrient that packs the power in ACV.

NOTE: the need to buy raw organic apple cider vinegar cannot be overemphasized.


There are so many uses/benefits of the apple cider vinegar that they cannot all be covered. Here are a few;

    • Regulate the pH balance in the body.
    • It is very good for patients with respiratory problems like asthma.
    • Lowers glucose levels in blood hereby being very efficient for diabetic patients.
    • Curbs appetite and breaks down fat resulting in weight loss.
    • Lowers cholesterol as well as blood pressure.
    • It’s a detoxifying agent, detoxifying the body of heavy metals and toxins.
    • It relieves heart burn.
    • ACV works well to clear up fungal, bacterial, and viral rashes.
    • Balances hair pH level and stimulates the scalp.
    • ACV applied to skin can help fade age spots, fight acne and restore pH balance to the skin.
    • The acetic acid in ACV can help to remove stains from your teeth and kill bacteria in your mouth.

What a whirlwind of benefits! It’s like an all purpose drug. There are still so many uses for the ACV but the most common one is the weight loss. Many trainers have incorporated it into their meal plan and have reported so much success. Remember, apple cider vinegar on its own will never be as effective for weight loss as when accompanied with the right diet and conscious work out routines.

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