Zumba workout dvds now available in Lagos Nigeria (Original)

Zumba workout dvds are now available in Nigeria. Zumba is a fun dance workout program that focuses on all parts of the body. For preview of what the workout looks like: http://youtu.be/GtnkKlMakzo These are the packages available: 1. Zumba exhilarate pack: this includes 4 dvds from the Zumba exhilarate set …

Insanity workout Dvd now available

The latest of the insanity workout series is now available. It a seven workout program that would give you a rocking body in thirty days. For full details, click here; http://www.africanweightloss.com/2012/05/new-workout-dvds-available.html or order online: http://africanweightloss.com/sales/index.php BBPIN: 2C043E6B