Weightwatchers Diet. What you should know


A promise of losing at least 2lb a week is too good to pass up so people venture into the weightwatchers diet. The promise of being able to eat whatever you want be it pasta, ice-cream, steak, alcohol, anything at all, is even more difficult to resist. The question lies in the ability of the weightwatchers diet program to meet up to its stipulations.

Let’s not get carried away here. Though, you will be able to eat what you want on this diet, the weightwatchers smart points system ensures that your eating habit is within a healthy range. Other than being a mere change in diet, weightwatchers diet is a complete lifestyle overhaul. It ensures that even after attaining your weight loss goals, the knowledge you acquired about healthy foods through the smart points system sustains you at a healthy weight keeping all the lost weight gone for good.

Weightwatchers weight loss plan is a plan that makes use of the smart points system to assign value to different foods thereby steering you away from foods that are deemed unhealthy (foods high in sugar, salt, carbs and saturated fats). The plan is programmed to guide you towards a diet that is lower in calories and higher in protein. Your smart point targets are set to suit your body needs and weight loss goals making it possible to eat whichever meal you like within your daily target.

This plan may seem complicated at first with all the smart point counting and all, but in the long run it serves better than having to count calories at every turn. It instills long term knowledge of healthy eating habits such that long after attaining your goal, you are still able to maintain a healthy weight. This is why it is said to be a lifestyle and not a diet because it becomes part of you.

Weightwatchers plan does not require any meal replacement products as you are allowed to eat anything of your choice within your smart points target. It focuses on making healthier choices and behavioral changes. Interestingly, you can still participate in this program if you have any food restrictions or preferences since you have the free rein to choose what to eat or drink within your target. This means that this plan has room for vegetarians or people with food preferences of any sort.


The weightwatchers program designed an effective support system ranging from in-person meetings and personal coaching to online communities. This platform gives you the opportunity to read inspiring success stories, get new recipes and, get a better understanding of the whole system.


Late 2015, a new program was introduced into the weightwatchers plan. This program, known as ‘Beyond the scale’ program, is set to enforce more physical activity daily. It introduces seemingly fun activities that are actually good work out routines like dancing, walking your dog, doing an hour of laundry,, washing the car, and the likes.

On the weightwatchers website/app, you’ll equally find a feature known as ‘Fit points’ which helps in tracking physical activities. Another one of such feature is the ‘fit break’ feature which is free (even for non-members). These features encourage more physical activity which further expedites the weight loss process.


  1. This plan doesn’t take into account individual needs. People at different BMI (Body Mass Index) levels are expected to follow the same pointers making it harder for some to record success
  2. The fact that people have to pay at almost any turn for the duration of this plan is daunting to say the least. Everything costs money in this plan making it restrictive for people who cannot afford it. Yes! There is a support group, but you have to pay for all the meetings even the ones held online.
  3. It can be stressful having to go online each time you want to have a meal just to check how many pints said meal has. At the end, it is almost as stressful as calorie counting if not more.

This plan may indeed be less restrictive than other plans but is expensive and tedious to go through. If you decide on it though, please do speak to your doctor or caregiver before going all in and ensure to keep them updated every step of the way.

weightwatchers diet is a complete lifestyle overhaul. It ensures that even after attaining your weight loss goals, the knowledge you acquired about healthy foods

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