What is 5:2 diet Fast diet?

The 5:2 diet is  different to understand .Undoubtedly there are so many diets that are available for weight loss but quite a few that are effective and suitable for different individuals. The 5:2 diets are considered one of the few effective weight loss plans when done the right way. It is however very important to understand in details what the 5:2 diets are all about.

The 5:2 diet, fast diet is a distinct diet and needs to be fully understood

Have you heard about IF (Intermittent Fasting)? If you have then 5:2 diet should not be that hard to grasp. It is one of the most popular types of intermittent fasting which is why it is also referred to as the Fast Diet. 5:2 is simply a weight loss plan that allows you to eat normally for 5 days and fast for the other 2 days. Let’s not lose sight of what it is about – weight loss.

This plan is more realistic than most. Picture it; eating normally for all of 5 days and fasting just for 2 days. It’s so much easier to pull off than having to maintain a plan for a long while ranging from 2 weeks to months.

Let’s get one thing clear before you go running off, 2 days fasting doesn’t mean no food at all. No! Not at all! Just see it as code for at most 600 calorie intake per day. This plan does not consider what you eat but when you eat it. The days you choose to fast are entirely up to you. Just make sure you’re fasting at least 2 days a week. The most popular routine is eating 500-600 calories on Mondays and Thursdays then eating normal for the rest of the week.

In as much as 5:2 does not focus on calorie restriction, it should be noted that you need to at least eat healthy foods. Piling up on the junk foods simply because you’ll be fasting for 2 days does not help at all. It doesn’t help either if on the non-fasting days you decide to avenge the fasting days by eating much more than necessary. Don’t try to make up for the fasting days by eating much more. Just take it all in stride.



  1. Boosts brain function and protects against dementia.
  2. Reduces the risks of type 2 diabetes
  3. Reduces risk of cancer (especially obesity related cancers)
  4. Improves insulin sensitivity and reduces insulin levels
  5. Weight loss (especially weight stored around the abdomen).

The Fast Diet is much more effective when combined with physical activities and routine exercise sessions at least 3 to 4 times a week. The kinds of food you choose to eat on your fasting days play a huge role in the effectiveness of the 5:2 diets. Focus more on foods that are high fiber, high protein, and nutritious. These will give you a sense of satisfaction that will help you stick to the calorie rule for the 2 days fast. The calorie rule is quite simple. Women are not supposed to consume more than 500 calories on their fast days while men shouldn’t consume more than 600 calories.

Here’s a list of best foods for weight loss you may indulge in during your fasting days;

  • Eggs (boiled/baked)
  • Fish
  • Lean meat
  • Vegetables
  • Green tea
  • Water (lots of water)
  • Fruits(berries)
  • Nuts (almond nuts/ walnuts)

The first few weeks may be a challenge especially on the fasting days. You may feel faint, nauseous or fatigued. It is absolutely normal. Try to hold on, in no time your body would be adjusted to the new routine. You could also snack on nuts or berries. Remember to stay hydrated all the time.

If you are repeatedly experiencing the same symptoms, please do not fail to consult with your doctor. A talk with your doctor should reveal whether to proceed with this meal plan or to stop. Don’t feel bad if your doctor advices you to quit the plan because not everyone is able to tolerate it. Below is a list of people who should avoid this plan (unless your doctor permits);

  • People with a history of eating disorders
  • Pregnant women
  • Underweight people
  • Nursing mothers
  • Children (unless obese)
  • Type 1 diabetes patients

Always consult with your doctor before adopting any meal plan (even if you don’t have any existing health condition).

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