14days Vegetarian Diet Food Meal Plan for all age types

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A vegetarian diet food meal plan may seem simple enough but is quite complicated to plan and even more difficult to follow. People find the lifestyle to be quite boring and rather expensive to maintain. This could not be farther from the truth. In reality, a vegetarian diet is healthy and can prove to be effective with regards to weight loss. The fiber rich fruits and vegetables are beneficial to health among other nutrients derived from this lifestyle.

Keeping off meat and other animal based products does not entail deficiency of protein or any other nutrient as such nutrients can easily be found in other foods like those listed in the menu below. The important fact is to ensure that while cutting off animal based foods, you’re replacing them with other foods that are high in protein and in the right quantity.As with any other meal plan, please ensure to consult with your doctor before adopting any meal plan. It’s even better to have a nutritionist so that you are sure that your per day calorie intake does not exceed or fall short of your weight loss or diet goals.

This vegetarian diet food meal plan is based on a 1200-1500 calorie per day goal and is suitable for all gender and ages. You may also consult with your nutritionist to adjust the meal plan to meet your targeted per day calorie intake (with due regard to portion control). It is engineered towards weight loss and is programmed to be colorful, easy to make, and very effective. It will ease you into the diet to avoid health complications of any kind.

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