What you need to know about Healthy diets for Men

The issue of healthy diets does not appeal only to the feminine population but to the world at large and largely affects men. It’s no secret that in checking a person’s weight, one of the factors considered is the sex of the person among other factors such as height and age. There are things to consider like the fact that men (typically) have more muscle mass than women and men tend to be more physically active (no offense to feminists).Understanding healthy diets for men is essential to the path of living a healthy life style.

Men tend to develop more belly fat (weight around the middle). Before you start accusing the bottle of beer, belly fat in men could equally be as a result of the male hormone testosterone. This is BAD. Belly fat is never good. It triggers a lot of health related issues especially; heart diseases, diabetes, and dementia. A few enablers to belly fat are;

  1. Beer: did you know that an average 12-ounce Can of beer houses about 150 calories? If you did you probably wouldn’t drink as much.
  2. Fatty red meat: it is common knowledge that men love to eat meat especially African men. Meat is great as long as it is lean so swap all those fatty meat meals for lean meat.
  3. Soda: soda is a temptation many on the weight loss journey have found hard to resist. The thing about soda is that an average bottle packs loads of calories and the weight that comes as a result stores around the middle body.
  4. Eba (garri): African brothers love to swallow daily. The claim is that they need energy and eba (made from cassava flour) is the typical energy giver. The problem though is that they tend to mount a plate up before eating leading to excess calorie intake and in the long run belly fat.
  5. Bread: bread went from being a breakfast meal to an all time snack. Men would rather eat a loaf of bread with soda than wait for a meal to be prepared. Well, if you don’t want that tummy to bulge so much you’ll have to keep away from bread or eat healthier choice foods instead.

Every man desires flat abs (even if they don’t admit it). Beyond getting flat abs, the overall health of a man is of utmost concern especially with regards to weight control. Being overweight or obese is detrimental to anyone’s health and more often than not, leads to low self esteem and inferiority complex. Scientifically, proof has emerged that obesity may impair fertility in men. Being overweight or obese could not only reduce sperm quality but could ultimately alter the physical and molecular structure of germ cells in the testes.

It is not just about eating. It is know what foods men should eat to be and stay healthy


Due to their muscle mass, men need more calories throughout the day than women. Their per day calorie intake should range within 2,000-2,800 calories depending on all other factors to be considered. Take into account your age, current weight, health status and with the help of a doctor and if possible a nutritionist, draw up a diet plan that will grant you the amount of calories you need daily based on your findings.

One of the most controversial topics amongst men is whether eggs are good for men or not. The goal for weight loss in men among others is to build muscle and burn fat. The amino acids found in eggs are great for this. Eggs are a great source of protein and aid muscle growth. Research reveals that before and after a workout routine, about six grams of amino acids are essential. This could be easily gotten from two large eggs. The best known time to eat eggs is during breakfast. At least two eggs are ideal for breakfast and a maximum of three eggs a day.

It is also a great idea to eat fiber rich foods like fruits and veggies.  High fiber foods can reasonably reduce the chances of hypertension, stroke and cardiovascular malfunction or disease. It also reduces cholesterol and strengthens the colon walls. Fiber regulates the digestion process and gives a feeling of satiety. This means less cravings and ultimately consumption of fewer calories leading to weight loss. High fiber foods include; avocado, oat meals, beans, coconut, okra, nuts (walnuts, almond nuts), etc. Beyond all the benefits of fiber stated above fiber aids weight loss, manages blood sugar levels, eliminates insulin resistance, and prevents heart related diseases.

The goal is to cut calorie intake down to what the body needs, not more, not less. Plan your diet in such a way that it will meet your needs without encroaching on your weight loss goals. It is important to remember that starving will lead you nowhere so make a conscious effort to eat as regularly as possible. Spread your meals out and stay hydrated. If you’re gunning for a faster result then consider engaging in at least one hour high intensity interval exercises daily

PhotoCredit: The Healthy Living Magazine

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