Egg Fast: Effective Weightloss Diet. Egg Recipes

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Its been quiet here and I am so sorry about that. We have been undergoing a lot of change and transformation here on Africanweightloss. This is so cause I have a vision and Africanweightloss is a lot more than me. It is all about us. Our total well being and taking control over our bodies. We all have food weaknesses and have undergo hormonal changes as well as environmental which would account for weight gain at different points in our lives.

It could be health related, dietary changes; whatever be the case, we should be able to be adequately informed before we embark on any dietary conquest that may suit our preferences.

Lots of people have registered for the different weightloss programs available on Africanweightloss Forum and it is a wonderful experience… Right now, I am on a 30day egg fast and this has availed me of the different ways of eating egg. I assure you, if I do not get creative, I’d literally puke!!!! Its been amazing… It has given be a whole new meaning to discipline and I am working with @Maro who is a member of the forum as well…. Im her support, in this Egg fast. It hasn’t been easy but we are almost there.

For those of you still skeptical  about eating eggs, I have to say that it is the best diet for rapid weightloss. 1 Egg contains 72-75calories with just 1.1g of carbohydrate then you can imagine just how little carbohydrate you consume in a day. It is good for the body and contains lots of vitamins and minerals..

Definitely not a long term diet, but can be used to shed that really stubborn fat. If youve got the motivation, support and drive this diet is for you and you can do this.

This Egg recipe is Egg scrambled with cheese and fresh shrimps. :


Eggs, Fresh Shrimps, Blended fresh pepper, Seasoning to taste, little oil.


Beat the eggs thoroughly (Notice I didnt set quantity for anything)Boil the shrimps slightly; Set the sauce pan to heat, add little oil, add the eggs, shrimps, cheese, pepper and seasoning and keep stirring till it sauce pan is completely dry…

Very simple…. But you can still check out the video on my Instagram page @weightloss_expert if you need to follow the preparation step by step….

Keep staying true to your body and health, register on the forum  and sign up with to the various weightloss programs available.

Love Ya!



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