Opinion Counter: Is The Gummi Gutta Plant Really A Wonder Weight Loss Drug?

The Garcinia Gummi Gutta plant, formerly known as Garcinia Cambogia, is a sub-tropical plant whose fruit looks like a pumpkin and is usually green or pale yellow in color. It has been made into various forms such as, powders, extracts, tablets, capsules and even snack bars, for easier use which usually have a fixed amount of garcinia cambogia of between 300 -500 milligrams. The plant is widely known for its various uses but most especially for its effect on weight loss.
The Garcinia gummi-gutta’s principal constituent, Hydroxicitric acid (HCA) when dried, has been assessed for its incredible potential to cause weight loss. It is said to help weight loss in the several ways:
First, it lowers cholesterol production and increases glycogen production in the liver to be turned to glucose and energy, which are instantly consumed by the body. Also, the gummi plant has been said to suppress appetite by raising the brain’s serotonin levels. Serotonin is the hormone in charge of controlling stress levels, mood and appetite. Hence, the higher the serotonin level, the lower one’s appetite and craving for food. It is also said to trigger the burning of accumulated fat.
Media has also claimed that gummi plant inhibits citrate lyase, the enzyme which turns excess carbohydrates into fat while it takes the responsibility of burning any extra carbohydrates into energy. It causes the liver to stop creating new fat while it burns the fat that are already in the body. By prompting the liver to release its store of glycogen, the plant was said to help the body meet its need for immediate energy without the resorting to the ingestion of more calories from food sources.
Despite these seemingly wonderful effects of the gummi plant, there is need for caution. For one, although it has received considerable media attention for its effects on weight loss and has no known side effects, there is no significant clinical evidence showing its effects on weight loss in humans. Clinical trials involving humans have not shown the same degree of success as those involving animals. As such, the effects on humans cannot be verified. Research also shows that the gummi plant is not suitable for intake by pregnant or breast feeding women, children, people with kidney or liver disease or dementia patients due to its adverse effects when combined with other medications.

gummi gutta plant
Hence, while the gummi plant may seem like an easy way to lose weight without the rigors of physical exercise or dieting viz a viz eating right, it is necessary to consider the possible risks to your overall health. Physical exercise and dieting may be stressful initially, but that stress should be preferable to the risk of added ailments and possible complications. However, if you still decide to use the gummi plant for weight loss, it is necessary you consult your physician before commencing.

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