What You Should know about Weightloss with Squats

A squat is defined as “a compound, full body exercise that is primarily focused on training the muscles of the thighs, hips and buttocks, hip muscles as well as strengthening of the bones, ligaments and the tendons throughout the lower body.” Here are different types of squats depending on the specific body area you are interested in building. Some examples include box squats, banded squat, back squat, sumo squat, among others. Squats are very popular exercises among athletes and in gyms worldwide. This article goes on to explain how squats can work for weight loss as well as discuss pros and cons of carrying them out.
Physical health therapists have hailed squats as being an effective method of increasing muscular mass and stimulating metabolism, activities that result in weight loss. For example, muscle development occurs only after fat is burned thus ridding the body of excess weight. While some critics will point out the increase in size in some regions such as the thigh and butt, squats results in firmer body parts as fat makes way for muscle. As for improved metabolism, the increased blood flow improves the efficiency of the body as a whole lot better delivery of nutrients to the muscles stimulates their use and prevents their storage as fat. Apart from weight loss, squats provide other benefits such as improved knee stability and strengthened connective tissue.
However, squats have their own risks. In fact, if not properly done, squats can result in knee injuries, back injuries, muscle strains, ligament tears etc. It is thus very important to practice squats the right way. These are some tips on how you can do this.
Avoid either a too narrow or too wide stance
Ensure that your weight is shifted forward not backwards
Never place your hips below knee level
Avoid doing too many squats at a stretch

squatting for butt, legs thighs and abs
If you have confusions about how to carry out squats, you can purchase any of our fitness videos which will take you through the steps. Squats are quick to perform, it requires minimal space and no equipment, making it very suitable for workers who do not have time to hit the gyms and need to work out at home. So why don’t you take advantage of these perks and enjoy weight loss at home. The results will make the squats worth your while.

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