The March/April 2017 Definite and Permanent Weightloss Challenge: JOIN US

Hello Everyone!
How are you all? Its so good to be writing you.
I am glad to be starting this challenge with you. This program is a weightloss Challenge of conviction. That repeat weightloss and weight gain wont keep giving you worries and heartache.
During this challenge, we are going to be working together to keep the weight off and maintaining it.
I would also share with you how to to lose weight on your own whenever you feel bloated, heavy and overweight.
That is what this 6weeks will be all about.
I assure you, you will lose weight, the right and sure way.
if you are a new member, this is the place to lose the weight and feel good about yourself.
If you are an old member and feel you need to get that weight under control, you know you have a home with us.
Come back and start updating your food diaries and live right and healthy.
To join the challenge, please read and follow the preface above on the forum..
This amazing challenge  will commence on the 27th of March, 2017 and end on the 1st of May, 2017. Making it a total of 6weeks!
You just give yourself ONLY 6weeks and I assure you, you would  love the transformation.
I want to stress that nothing yields results until you put in real honest to God hardwork, time and stay disciplined and focused.

Please read the preface on the forum and register accordingly for the Challenge.

Kindly visit the forum through this link and register:

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  1. Oluseyi Albert

    Please I want to register for the upcoming March/April 2017 definite and permanent weigh loss challenge but the link for that purpose is not active. What do I do?

    Thank you.

  2. Ajagbe funmi

    I am Ajagbe Funmi. I am interested in joining the march/April weighloss challenge . I sent a text to the listed number this morning and I await your response ,so I can make payment and we start together. Thanks

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