Keto Series: 3-Day Nigerian Keto Diet

African Keto Compliant Meals That Work!!!Africa is one of the (if not the most) difficult place to live on a keto diet. Truth be told, the founders of this keto diet  did not consider Africa when proposing it. Or rather, Africans are not brought up to live with a keto diet. Whatever the case is however, keto works and Africans would not be wise to disregard it.So, we decided to once again work on a keto food table with a view to finding out which African meals can be regarded as keto-compliant and arrange them into a food schedule. In this article, we shall be sharing a 3-day food recipe for beginners while a more comprehensive schedule will follow.

3-Day Nigerian Keto-Compliant Food Schedule

Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Day 1 3 eggs fried in butter Green vegetables cooked with 3 tablespoons of fat-rich oil and crayfish Fish cooked with cucumbers
Day 2 1 can of sardine Turkey cooked with green vegetables Fish peppersoup
Day 3 2 boiled eggs and a sausage Nkwobi or Isi Ewu Suya


Remember to take lots and lots of water as the day goes along to counteract possible problems discussed in other keto articles. Also, try to incorporate a mild endurance exercise regime to boost your results. You can purchase videos to guide you through these exercises here.

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