Atkins Diet for Nigerians Part 1……….How Kim Kardashian ‘lost’ her pregnancy weight

Kim Kardashian……..says she lost her pregnancy weight via the atkins diet, after which i started getting a few emails on how to adapt this diet for the Nigerian dieter. Finally a member of our forum Esthybaby has also decided to embark on the diet, so i have to quickly put up a write up on how this can be achieved. BTW, below is a pic of Madam Kardashian during and after pregnancy

before and after kim

The Atkins diet is practically a low carb diet. However, why i think it might appeal to the Nigerian market or be easier to do for Nigerians, is the fact that it allows a great amount of oil intake. Considering that a lot of our foods are oil based, it might be easier/more sustainable for Nigerians compared to the conventional low carb diet, south beach diet and the dukan diet which is a purely protein only diet.

How does the Atkins diet work? The Atkins diet works by switching the bodys metabolism from using glucose for energy to using stored fat for energy. The act of the body using stored fat for energy instead of glucose is usually referred to as ketosis. Ketosis occurs when blood glucose levels are low.

A popular effect of this diet is the decrease in the onset of hunger. Because the foods you are eating (fats and protein) take longer to digest than carbohydrates, you notice that your levels of hunger drops remarkably.

So in this post (Atkins diet for Nigerians) we would deal with the first part of the Atkins diet, which is the Induction phase. This phase is a phase of rapid weight loss. Its the phase thats sets the motion for your body to start losing weight, and is important to promote ongoing weight loss as you continue  your weight loss journey. The induction phase is all related to the insulin production in the body after you eat.  The main function of insulin is to move glucose from the blood to peripheral tissues, where they will be needed for fuel or stored as fat. Thus, insulin is a regulator of blood glucose that is too high. Because on the Atkins diet, you are eating few carbohydrates, there is no glucose that can trigger the insulin response. Therefore, the body must seek an alternate fuel source to fulfill its metabolic needs. During this diet, the main sources of fuel for human cells (glucose) is now at less than adequate supply, cells must take alternate steps to convert stored fuel to glucose. And thus it uses the stored fat in the body.

It is recommended that you spend no more than two weeks on this phase. The phase eases your body into a state of ketosis. In this stage, you are to limit your carbohdrate intake to no more than 20 grams of carbohydrate per day, and this 20 grams have to come from healthy carbs like: green salads, green vegetables, tomatoes, peppers, pumpkin. Then ofcourse you can have your proteins, all types of meat and fish and chicken and eggs. You can also have semi soft cheese, butter, olive oil, vegetable oil, palm oil. You can have your coffee without sugar  but alcohols are strictly not allowed in this phase. You definitely must drink at least eight tall flasses of water each day, but if you can take more better. Recently threr has been a recommendation of a daily multivitamin while on this diet. Exercise can be done on the diet, as most dieters see more results when they combine the Atkins diet with exercise.

The induction phase is where dieters see the fastes weight loss, ranging from 2 to 5kg per week when combined with exercise. However, it is not medically advisable to continue on this phase for more than two weeks.

So what are some Nigerian meals you can have while on induction phase or rather, while doing the Atkins diet for Nigerians?

1. Vegetable soup: Yes!!!! Vegetable soup is allowed oh, and you can enrich it with crayfish, periwinkle, lobster, fish, stockfish and the likes. Further more, you can use oil to make your vegetable soup, so for those who love efo riro, it is allowed on the atkins diet. A cup of green vegetables (dry) contains about 1.1g of carbohydrate. So if you are trying to stay under the 20g of carbohydrate per day, you can actually even take your vegetable soup twice in a day.

2. Peppersoup: I have come again with my pepersoup. Dont make it boring, interchange your proteins. fish peppersoup, chicken peppersoup, turkey peppersoup, croaker fish peppersoup, stockfish peppersoup, just mix it so you dont get bored.

3. Okro soup

4. Banga soup: Take this in moderation but you can fill it with meat so you dont feel bored.

5. Isiweu

6. Garden egg soup (dont know how this is made though)

7. Eggs: Boiled eggs, fried eggs. Try to make your fried eggs interesting. Add fresh veges, tomatoes, peppers, etc.

8. Sausage

9. Shredded beef and chicken: You can use this to make meals with stir fry.

As more meals come to mind i would add to the list. If you are also on the diet and have any recipes pls post and comment.

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    1. Anonymous

      U can do cabbage swallow…blend the cabbage,squeeze out the water from the blended cabbage and put in in a pot and set it to cook keep stiring then add a table spoon of psylium husk to thicken it.

  1. when you are on the induction phase of the Atkins Nutritional Approach (i'm sorry, it's not a diet, it's a lifetime way of losing weight and maintaining a healthy eating lifestyle so you can maintain your goal weight for the rest of your life, give or take a few KGs) you cant have any starchy vegetables and yam is a starchy vegetable. and also, you can stay on induction as long as you can but this is mostly for people with a lot o' weight to lose and staying on induction for as long as you can will help you shed the weight faster, and then you can move into the OWL phase (Ongoing Weight Loss) this phase slows your weight loss down drastically but it is good for you in the long run because your body will adjust to shedding the weight at a steady pace while you get used to your new eating lifestyle, this way, you don't go back to your old eating habits when you think in your mind that your 'weight loss diet is done'. thats the recipe for putting on all the weight back.

  2. dammy

    Hi Doc.. thanks for the post.. there are so many things involved in the atkins diet.. can you pls tell us how to measure the carb intake? a timetable wont be a bad idea.. thanks in anticipation doc.. God bless

  3. Oma

    Hey guys, I have successfully used the atkins diet to lose 25kg over 3 months and with a little bit of consciousness kept it off. For the first phase, the allowed carb content is 20g daily mostly from vegetables but the weight comes off fast. For the swallow, look for linseed/flaxseed. They can be ground and used as swallow on atkins induction and are very low in carbs about 2g a cup. For more info google atkins induction. Goodluck!

  4. Err.. you said no more than two weeks on the induction phase? actually it is a minimum of two weeks, if you have more weight to lose then you can spend more. Which doctor recommends you spend no more than two weeks? I have spent 3 months on the induction phase and guess what? my BP went down drastically with no medication, I didn't fall ill and I lost a lot of weight but most importantly I had my doctor's permission and guidance while on it.

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