Nigerian Weightloss Recipes: Vegetable sauce (111 calories)

This is a basic/easy to cook sauce for your meals. You can take it with your boiled sweet potato or boiled plantain, or even take it alone.



3 red tomatoes (mine weighed 64 calories): 33 calories

1 big red bell pepper (called tatatse): 30 calories

1 washed cup of vegetable (you can use ugwu or any other green leaf), i used spinach: 25 calories

1/2 onion: 23 calories


Cooking Steps:

Slice the onions, pepper and tomatoes with a knife into small pieces (i like mine big so i didnt really make it small.

Get a dry pot, pour the sliced  tomatoes, pepper and onions into the pot. After about a minute, you would notice the water from the tomatoes sipping into the pot.

Add your seasoning and keep stirring for ten minutes. If water dries up while stirring, add a little more. I usually like to add meat or chicken broth to give it some flavour.

Nigerian weightloss Mealplans

Add your cup of vegetables, and allow to boil for 5 to 10 minutes, depending on how soft you want them to be.

Enjoy your meal.

Nigerian Weightloss Recipe

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