Benefits of Eggs for Weight loss

Benefits of Eggs for Weight loss

If trying to increase your protein intake, Eggs are a good source of protein. As we should know by now, proteins help build your muscles, and help you to stay full longer after eating. High protein diets are known to be very good for weight loss.

Eggs are also rich in Vitamins. The egg yolk is rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin B2, B9, Vitamin A and D.  It also contains choline, which helps protect us from memory loss.

So exactly how much protein is in egg? Boiled egg gives about 6.3g of protein per egg! Which is about 13% of the recommended protein intake per day. Better still, an egg doesn’t have so many calories, its 70 calories per egg. Due to its high protein content, you are less likely to feel hungry soon as it makes you feel full. Some people are a bit wary about eggs because of the cholesterol content of the yolk, if you are, then you can avoid taking the yolk, and have just the egg white. The egg white alone is just 17 calories, and 3.6g of protein.

For those who like a light breakfast, you can take an egg with your fruits, or with your oats, or with whatever you usually take. Better still instead of skipping breakfast,you can just pop in one egg in your mouth on your way to work. The Benefits of Eggs for weight loss are definitely worth it.

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3 Responses to Benefits of Eggs for Weight loss

  1. JANE HILLZ says:

    please i want to know which is better,quail eggs or chicken eggs?

  2. Nonye says:

    How many eggs daily and weekly is safe to eat.
    I heard that its a big source of cholesterol and too much eggs is bad for the heart,
    How true is this?

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