High Protein foods for weight loss

Chicken: Chicken breast contains the highest amount of protein, about 30grams for each 3 oz of chicken breast. The thigh contains 10grams, The wing contains 6 grams. Chicken is generally known to be high in protein, and if you have the choice of picking which parts to eat, choose the chicken breast.

Fish: Fish is an awesome source of protein, they also have very very low carb content so they are good. My favorite suggestion is the catfish which you can use for pepper soup. Please ignore the rumor that catfish is fattening, that’s a big lie. An average catfish contains only 150calories! It has 26 grams of protein, no carbohydrate and 5g of fat. If you can incorporate fish into your meals it would be a very great source of protein.

Meat is also a very great source of protein, however, goat meat has high protein and lesser fat than cow meat.

Eggs: One egg contains approximately 70 calories, 6g of protein and no carbohydrate.

Melon seeds: our Egusi seeds are high in protein, but also high in carbs. One cup of melon see contains, 360 calories, of which 15grams are protein, 54 grams are carbohydrates.

Peanuts: Peanuts are high in protein, but also really high in calories and fat. One groundnut contains 5 calories.

Beans: Our beans in Naija has high protein content, however, it is also high in carbohydrates. one cup of BOILED beans contains about 5g of protein but 34g of carbohydrate. So while it is better than rice, its also high in carbs, so should be eaten in moderation.

In summary, it might be a little difficult sticking to a high protein diet in Naija since most of our staple foods are carbohydrates. However, the trick is trying to make the foods vary so you dont get bored. You can make pepper soup with your favorite proteins, or even take chicken suya, goat meat suya, etc. When taking swallows, take more of your soup and your meat instead of plenty eba!

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    1. Anonymous

      You need to incorporate more vegetables and fruits with your diet, it’s all about having a balanced diet, and eating fish and poultry all the time isn’t as good as you’d think.

  1. WWN

    Efomeh, you should vary your protein eg eat more white fish and less chicken. Eat fishes such as salmon and catfish only once a week because of the high oils it contains. It may also be advisable to see a nutritionist because if you’re eating right/exercising and not getting any results, may be there are some glands/hormonal inbalance. Africanweightloss, thanks for doing such a great job!

  2. chinyere

    Pls what exactly is chicken breast? Keep coming across it in weight loss articles..is it same thing as d chest area of chicken?? Cos here in naija,u either ask for laps,wings,chicken chest frm frozen chicken vendors.. I have neva heard abt chicken breast in d mkt. Enlighten pls!

    1. et-olla

      Yes, chicken breast is actually the bulky fleshy chest area of a chicken. The bone separating the two sides of the muscle of the chest is kind of flat and feeble.


      The popular belief that exercising the stomach muscles alone will result in an attractive, toned tummy is very very false. You could have well developed lovely toned abdominal muscles but these muscles would still hide under the layer of fat covering them. Without exercise and the right types of food, you simply won’t lose the fat that overlies your tummy. So even if you do 500 situps a day and eat junk, trust me, your big tummy would still be there. The important thing would be to burn the fat overlying the stomach, then you can use the situps to build the muscles to give you your toned abs.

      The most important aspects to a flat tummy include
      1. Diet first
      2. Exercises

      Diet modification is very very important to getting a flat tummy. Studies have linked simple sugars and soft drinks to increase in waist line. Lean proteins and healthy carbs like fruits and vegetables are better substitutes than simple sugars and fatty foods.

      SO in summary, to get a flat belly, you need to first start making better food choices. Your diet should include the following: Green vegetables, fresh fruits, fish, meat, chicken, eggs and other healthy foods. Infact once you change your diet to higher proteins and healthy carbohydrate, you would notice the gradual reduction in your waistline. You should also combine this with exercise. Aerobic exercises are great for burning fat, so also is running and walking. When your intake is less than the amount of energy you exert each day, your body would definitely go into its fat stores to mobilize fat for energy. And this would include the fat from your belly!

  3. Koolhydraatvrij Dieet

    Wow! Great insights on High protein foods, I love chicken (but I also like the skin) and I would drive an hour for a great pice of red meat too. I am now trying to lose weight with a low-carb diet, hope this one keeps the weight of…

  4. Moi

    Egg does have carbonhydrate, infact it has double the protein content as carbonhydrate. However, egg white alone is purely 6g of carbonhydrates as you said. Thanks for the other info on goat meat #goatmeatlover!

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