800 Calories Meal plan/timetable for weight loss. (Nigerian/African Version) Totally Free!!!

The meal plan i promised is here!!! Please read the explanation written before commenting oh! I know there would be many questions, as for many Naija foods, its a bit difficult to get accurate portion sizes. Please feel free to ask, i would answer as soon as i can. Please note that this meal plan was made due to request. Consult your doctor before embarking on this. I advocate a 1200 calorie food intake (minimum) for weight loss.


D Morning Afternoon Evening
M 2tbspn of dried skimmed milk: 45 calories2 slices of wheat bread: 120 calories

1 boiled egg: 70 calories

Total:  235 calories

1 moi moi: 256 Calories 

Total: 256 calories

1 boiled chicken lap: 290 calories
T 2 balls of akara : 142 caloriesOR

2 apples : 140 calories

2 tbsp. of dried skimmed milk: 45 calories


Total: 197/195 calories

10 tablespoons of cooked beans: 141 calories 

2 table spoons of naija stew: 70 calories:


1oz of beef : 73 calories

Or 2 0z of turkey: 70 calories

Total: 281/283 calories

1 medium catfish (used for pepper soup): 150 calories 

1 ‘6’ inch bananas: 90 calories


240 calories

W 4 ‘7’ inch carrots: 80 calories1 6 inch banana: 90 calories


Total: 170 calories


1 apple: 70 calories1 moi moi: 256 calories


Total: 326 calories


Salad made of:1 cup of green lettuce: 5 calories3 medium tomatoes : 75 calories

1 cup of chopped cucumber:  16 calories

1 cup of green beans: 50 calories

1 tbsp. of mayonnaise:  62 calories

1 egg: 70 calories

Total:  278 calories


T 2 slices of wheat bread: 140 calories1 fried egg (fried with 1 table spoon of oil) 190 calories


Total: 330 calories

1 chicken lap: 

290 calories

1 medium catfish (used for pepper soup): 150 calories 
F 1 egg: 70 calories2 table spoon of skimmed milk: 45 calories


Total: 125 calories

10 tablespoons of cooked beans: 141 calories 

2 table spoons of naija stew: 70 calories:


1oz of beef : 73 calories

Or 2 0z of turkey: 70 calories

Total: 281/283 calories

Ugwu Vegetable soup:2 cups:  88 calories


1 boiled medium plantain: 212 calories

Total: 300 calories


S Salad made of:1 cup of green lettuce: 5 calories3 medium tomatoes : 75 calories

1 cup of chopped cucumber:  16 calories

1 cup of green beans: 50 calories

1 tbsp. of mayonnaise:  62 calories

1 egg: 70 calories

Total:  278 calories


Pounded plantain 1 : 212 calories 

1 cup Okra soup (Yoruba)= 105 calories

1 cup: Okra soup (Igbo)= 102 calories


1oz of beef : 73 calories

Or 2 0z of turkey: 70 calories


Total: 387/385 calories

2 medium apples: 140 calories 


Total: 140 calories

s Wheat bread 1 slice: 60 calories1 fried egg (fried with 1 table spoon of oil) 190 calories

Total : 250 calories

10 table spoons of cooked white rice : 156 calories3 table spoons of naija stew: 105 calories


1oz of beef : 73 calories

Or 2 0z of turkey: 70 calories



Total: 331 calories

3 apples: 210 calories


I know most of you are working so it’s going to be difficult getting some foods as lunch, hence I tried to make sure the lunch is something you can always get in your fast foods, and if you are at home, then you can always get it at home.

There is no way you would be able to follow this meal plan every single day as it is written, so always mix things up to suit you wherever you are.  E.g. if you are a working woman, you might not have time to make the fried egg in the mornings, you can always switch for something else on the menu which would be easily accessible to you, maybe banana and carrots or something.

I figured calculating calories in meat would be a difficult task, as my 1 piece of meat might be different from your piece in size. So I would want us to try and use a universal measurement. When I say 1 oz. of meat, I mean 1 piece of meat equal the size of your matchbox that you use at home (the small ones o)! I am giving a general measurement here, because as we know, the different parts of cow, turkey or chicken has different composition hence different calories. So this would not be an ‘accurate’ measurement.  1 oz. of cow meat, approximately 73 calories. 1 oz. of turkey meat (wing) approximately 32 calories, 1oz of chicken approximately 31calories.

For the moi moi, remember that this depends on how it was prepared, as there is no standard moi moi size for naija. Here is the recipe for this moi moi; this should help you estimate how much you are eating. http://africanweightloss.com/forum/index.php?topic=193.0

For the naija stew, we are assuming that it takes 1 big tomato and ¼ tablespoon of oil to make 2 tablespoons of the stew. Remember it depends on the ingredients of the stew as there is no pre-packaged Nigerian stew.

Please the table spoon of the beans is the average tablespoon. There is no need trying to fill up your spoon to eat as much as possible.

The salad, you might not be able to use all the ingredients as written above, however, as a guide, the salad you get from this is about 2 times more than the big TFC salad (the one in a rectangular bowl), and so this should give you an estimate of the calories if you are buying the reading made one.

For the Ugwu vegetable soup, I am assuming you are using 2 cups of chopped ugwu with ½ table spoon of palm oil.

Yoruba okra soup is 1 cup of sliced okra with 2 tablespoons of stew

Ibo okra soup is 1 cup of sliced okra with ¼ cup of ugwu and ½ table spoon of palm oil

Finally remember that  your spices have some calories in them, but this is usually very small, usually between 3 to 8 calories. I do not know how much spice each person puts in thier own food, so i didnt add that here.


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  1. Linda

    This is good,u re really doing a great job but I have questions -1)If Someone who is not Working(stays Indoor almost all days) and very fat uses this timetable plan,will she lose weight wthin one month or lesser.2)which other fruits can be used apart from Apple

  2. Linda

    This is good,u re really doing a great job but I have questions -1)If Someone who is not Working(stays Indoor almost all days) and very fat uses this timetable plan,will she lose weight wthin one month or lesser.2)which other fruits can be used apart from Apple.

  3. tito

    This is great, I just joined the forum today and am ready to shed this excess 30kg am carrying about. The 800cal is doable but how many kg per week will u lose if you follow the diet alone strictly with any exercise?

  4. Dorsy

    Hi Dr Trim,

    Its been ages we communicated. Sorry I have lost touch on posting my blogs and all. Its been very tough since i have been having some issues. But seeing this again rly makes me happy. Will keep up with this and see how far its goes.

    Thanks a lot.

  5. engee1

    I am 35yrs n weigh 100kg am 5.8″ so I still look ok but I know am not ok cos am lazy at doing things. Its so difficult to diet n exercise since I have a busy schedule. What can I do? I need help really bbbaaaddd

  6. esther

    all the soup area nothig goes with it like semo just fruits one will get hungry in time. i love ur plan .pls can it be more econmical shol incase someone wh do t ve much is being introudce t the plan.

  7. Floxy

    Dis is a wonderful tin ur doin.i just stumbled on it nd wrote it out to use it.pls can u substitute d chicken lap wit smtin else? And will i have energy to work wen i do this. We need more pls

  8. ekemini udoessien

    I’ve started the cabbage soup to lose weight fast but I’m not sure I Can follow up with this.I live in my family house and I can’t afford most of these things.is it ok if I just reduce what I eat drastically? Pls reply. Thanks

  9. Oju :)

    Thanks for this plan. I have some questions (i) – it has been asked but i didn’t see a reply. In the average, how kgs will i loose a week if i follow this plan strictly with about 30mins dance exercise every day . (2) how many calories are in fruitnfibre and kelloggs special K can they be a substitute for breakfast? thanks in advance

  10. Kuksie

    Isn’t 800 calories too small for a normal human being? We nutritionists normally advise that people do not go below 1500 calories or else they can mess up their metabolism and harm their bodies. Maybe the better thing is to eat 1500 calories and exercise vigorously? The weight loss might be slow but it will be steady and within 5 – 7 months, most people should have achieved their weightloss goals.

  11. rhona

    Hi, I went through the shedule and I must say I am impressed. But I have a question. I don’t eat egg, can I substitute it with something else? Like peanut butter? Secondly, is oatmeal suitable? If so, in what quantity?


    GREAT! But is it healthy to maintain this meal plan with diabetes and hypertension medications? If not, which plan is healthy for a patient on the following medication: Lipitor, Thiapril, Arthrotec,Vitamin E Supplement & Orphesic. Thank You.


      The popular belief that exercising the stomach muscles alone will result in an attractive, toned tummy is very very false. You could have well developed lovely toned abdominal muscles but these muscles would still hide under the layer of fat covering them. Without exercise and the right types of food, you simply won’t lose the fat that overlies your tummy. So even if you do 500 situps a day and eat junk, trust me, your big tummy would still be there. The important thing would be to burn the fat overlying the stomach, then you can use the situps to build the muscles to give you your toned abs.

      The most important aspects to a flat tummy include
      1. Diet first
      2. Exercises

      Diet modification is very very important to getting a flat tummy. Studies have linked simple sugars and soft drinks to increase in waist line. Lean proteins and healthy carbs like fruits and vegetables are better substitutes than simple sugars and fatty foods.

      SO in summary, to get a flat belly, you need to first start making better food choices. Your diet should include the following: Green vegetables, fresh fruits, fish, meat, chicken, eggs and other healthy foods. Infact once you change your diet to higher proteins and healthy carbohydrate, you would notice the gradual reduction in your waistline. You should also combine this with exercise. Aerobic exercises are great for burning fat, so also is running and walking. When your intake is less than the amount of energy you exert each day, your body would definitely go into its fat stores to mobilize fat for energy. And this would include the fat from your belly!

  13. Mimi

    I luv ds plan.i gaind 20kg n of 4 ‘9’inch ova d past 2yrs cos i was buried in a wrld of stress.i didnt care wt i ate or aw i lukd (cos i lot sm1 dia 2me).in d past few dys ,iav cin dt i avnt bn mysf n its tym 2 let go n get healthier.i op ds wld help.how do i knw am progressn?how many pound cn i lose in a week?

  14. Hrh Elizabeth Eff Obisanya

    You can also get spray oils that are 1 cal per spray which you can use for frying egg, and even cooking low cal soup!

    if you are on a calorie controlled diet, do it with exercise at the gym or on equipment that you can monitor the calories that you have burned. A good healthy weight loss programme is to eat about 1,200 calories a day and then try and burn at least 400-500 in excercise the next day , that way the calories consumed the previous day is less than 1,200. and the weight loss would be quick.er. Fresh fruits and vegetables ( oyinbo ones ) are very good for burning the fat.

  15. jaccy

    Thanks for your good work Dr. Trim. I stumbled on this site and I have since lost 4kg. Can I eat just fruits and veggies(mixed wt okro) for two weeks? Is it advisable?

  16. azih violet

    I am a newcomer here. I scrambled on the 800 calorie sample meal timetable about one month ago and i followed it strictly because i have become overweight since January this year after i put to bed. I started going to Jym a month after i put to bed but I did not drop even one kg. I stopped exercise when I resumed work because of time and I even grew worse. None of my cloths could enter me anymore because they became too small. Is just one month now that I started the 800 calorie meal and drinking a lot of water. I have lost 11 kg without any exercise. I looked so trimmed that even my cloths I used before my pregnancy are now over size. My only problem now is that my friends, family and even my husband are complaining that I looked hagard, that i should go back to the way I was, that I look prettier when I am fat but I feel so great and strong.What do I do? I am confused.

  17. Ehi

    Gud day ma.am 22yr and 100kg ,5’6ft big tommy and waist line 50.very big ass i wil love to join.i eat 2 much.below is what i ate today.12pm-full plate of rice 2pm biscult 3.30 semovita and egusi 8pm bread and g/nut

  18. Anonymous

    No offense but an ‘800’ calorie diet is so unrealistic and unsustainable especially for the average Nigerian adult. It will also be very unhealthy considering the fact that on the average, the body needs 1300 Calories even if we laid in bed all day and did nothing at all( this is called bmr) The first thing to do is to calculate your exact bmr(google it). Once you do that ensure that the amount you eat minus the average amount you burn off from daily activities or exercise is lower than your bmr. This way your body is at a deficit and will burn your stored fat to gain energy. You definitely do not need an 800 calorie diet. Lose weight the right way and you’ll be able to maintain it. Eat the right foods ( less carbohydrates and healthy carbohydrates like sweet potato, wheat, corn, brown rice, 100 percent brown bread and all that, cut out sugar and replace your sugary treats with apples and good fruits or veggies, and eat mostly proteins from lean meats to omelets! ) finally, increase your activity level. If you burn five hundred calories from your daily activities and exercising, you can afford to eat 1600 calories ( twice as much as this 800 calorie thing) and still be on the right track. This comment was written in no offense to the writer of this post but I just feel the need to enlighten people who seem to be ignorant about the right and healthy way to lose weight!

  19. onyi

    plz notin waz said about paw paw and pineapple. Again, i can afford most of these, can i suptitute beef for cow meet or paw paw. I stumbled upon this site 2da and i realy need to lose weight if possible, in a month or two, Am currently @ home lazing aroung help me plz

  20. faith

    i weigh 85kg and i would like to loose 27kg but am not following your diet i try to eat once a day that is lunch but i eat the food u suggested but not of the same quantity would i still loose weight eating just lunch


      Lots of things come into play since there is no standard measurement for a pot. So it depends on how much meat and how much sauce, but the sauce is made of palm oil so just remember hat one tablespoon of palm oil is 120 calories

      1. nneka

        this is scary. one tbspoon of oil is 120 calories??? So what happens when we eat a bowl of oha or bitter leave soup or banga soup that has lots of oil??? or when we make stew??? na wah o. thanks for the insight.

  21. Preye

    You are doing a great job. Keep it up. My weightloss journey started early dis year wit 84kg. I think ive hit a pleatue at 72kg cos d weight refused to go below dis for the past few weeks and ive bn discouraged and almost giving up. Do u think it will make a difference if i follow dis meal plan?


      When you hit a plateau, you have to do something different. Try increase your water intake, your workouts, and ensure you are not eating too little or too much

  22. Tonia

    Just stumbled across this. Nice one, presently detoxing with Clean 9. I would ease into this timetable in 3days time, this would be a fantastic way for my husband and I to lose weight.

    Many thanks

  23. onavba charity

    Please my child is a year older nau and I ve stop breast feeding last month ending. I am 30year weighing 90kg wt big tummy because I had him thru CS am nt happy wt the big tummy n I need to loose weight. My question is can I start the 800cal food plan now? Pls talk to me so that I can go bck to the weightloss forum so that I can be monitor n keep posting everything I do there. Help pls reply me.

  24. Weightloss Supplements

    I loved as much as you will receive carried out right here.
    The sketch is tasteful, your authored subject matter stylish.
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  25. health resources and services administration

    What i do not understood is in fact how you are not really much
    more smartly-liked than you might be now. You are so intelligent.
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  26. yewande

    Pls i want to ask if a nursing mother can adhere to this weight loss? My baby is just 6month. Am concern majorlity on my tommy cos i had her throught CS. I need a reply as soon as possible. Thanks.

  27. Oluwatoyin Akingbesote

    Hello Doc Trim, am a first timer on dis forum. Please I really need or help, am 33yrs old and my weight now is 100kg with big tommy and my husband is complaining seriously. I have copy n paste d time table, and am seriously ready to follow it. And my friend told me if i can reduce my intake/weight i can conceive. Pls I nid more advice and hw to work it out. Thanks

  28. mayday76

    hello Trim,

    Just stumbled onto your site. i am 38, weight 87kg, height 5.6″.
    I intend to loose 12kg within 2months. i try to stick to a 1000 calorie a day diet but weekends i usually spill over to btw 1200 and 1500. Will i still lose weight.

  29. Anonymous

    Thanks very much fun the meal plan but pls can I eat 2 apples in d morning then my normal lunch like rice or beans den at nite two cucumber. Pls will I still keep up to d 800 calories. Pls reply fast

  30. Ola Fowler

    Hello, I really do appreciate this forum; thanks for all your support. I would also like to know what I can achieve in a week with 1000 calorie diet and 30mins daily dancing. Would really appreciate your response. Thanks.

  31. Have you ever considered publishing an ebook or guest
    authoring on other blogs? I have a blog based on the
    same ideas you discuss and would really like to have you share
    some stories/information. I know my audience would value
    your work. If you are even remotely interested, feel free to send me an e mail.

  32. kate

    please am n
    new to dis forum…I’m 23years and weigh 80kg…I don’t exercise but I eat 3times a day to my satisfaction and also take green tea.. I want to knw if going with this 800cal wound help me loose weight more especially I’m laps arms and.belly without exercise and how long it would take

  33. Smartchoice

    @kate you are overweight 4 a lady…. and at 23 it is scary…if ur height is say 123cm your needed calories to maintain 80kg weight is 1529 calories anything extra means you are growing in weight… to lose weight your daily intake must be very less than 1529 calories… so let’s get to it

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