Sample Warrior diet meal plan/Food timetable

This is a sample Warrior diet meal plan/food timetable


1. Morning till 12:00noon:
Drink lots of water, advisable to drink a cup once you wake up, and another two cups between wake up time and 12 noon.
Consume Fruits, fresh raw fruits or vegetables: e.g 2 apples, 1 orange and 1 mango, 1 cucumber (very good) 2 carrots…..just anything natural

2. Noon till evening:
Drink water,
Consume fruits and raw vegetables again as in 1 above or a small serving of green salad (SMAL SERVING!!!) with no dressing.

3. This is enjoyment time.
Start with a vegetable or a fruit
Continue into your main course/dinner….rice, beans, fish, eba, soup, indomie, anything you want (just dont overdo it!)

Try to take 1liter of water before during and after your workout. That is, before the workout, keep your 1liter of water, and ensure that by the time you are leaving the gym or workout space that water is gone.

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32 Responses to Sample Warrior diet meal plan/Food timetable

  1. BUNMI says:

    pls l want to be prt of this

  2. Yuddy says:

    Hw long is d diet for?

  3. harriet says:

    Plz,4 hw long am I τ̲̅ȍ carry dis diet

  4. Folasade says:

    Hello Peeps,it’s been an interesting journey since I stumbled on this website and I am a part of the August diet programme.I am a mother of 4 with twins (3years).currently weighs 74kg and will love to go back to my 65kg pre-marriage weight(lol!!!!!!!!!)

  5. Charoro says:

    Hello,pls am interested in d September weight loss challenge. How do I go abt it? Thanks.

  6. Ajuma says:

    Pls i wil lyk 2 b part of november challenge,since dat of oct is almost thru.

  7. motunrayo says:

    lol… this is easy to maintain o… bt hope it works like other diet plans

  8. oluwaseyi says:

    please can you take cream crackers(the yellow wrapper one) in the undereating phase?

  9. Nkeiruka Umeugoji says:


  10. AKPEVWE says:


  11. Deyo says:


    Please is your work out supposed to be before or after the enjoyment time?

  12. Martins Loveth says:

    Pls when is the next challenge starting and how can I join pls?

  13. joan says:

    pls i would like to join the challenge how do i do that

  14. Loveth martins says:

    Pls wen is the next challenge starting?

  15. khadijah says:

    HI Dr TRIM, thanks for the good job, pls when is the next challenge? i really want to be part of it.

  16. Helen aniemeke says:

    Pls i need to join this, i have fat arms and big laps,though i did a personal diet that works especially my upper body. But i need to join yours too.thanks

  17. omolola says:

    I want to start diet for my upper body in march

  18. janefrances says:

    please, please, i want to join for may,please,i weigh 79kg,176cm i need to go bck to my formal weight which is 65kg,please help me,my baby is 7months old,need to shed dis weight please,thank you

  19. Anonymous says:

    Pls can this diet work without exercising?

  20. jaccy says:

    Pls can this diet work without exercising?

  21. Chimzurum says:

    can a breastfeeding mother do this and also can one take pineapple during the undereating phase?

  22. ninee says:

    you said we should workout more in the undereating phase.. what if you go to work during the day how do i workout. i alredy jog and do cardio in the morning is that enough??

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