New Structured Weight Loss Timetable For Nigerians

This is a new timetable for Nigerians. It is suitable for Diabetics and breastfeeding




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  1. winwingal

    Hello Trim! You are doing a fab job in helping Nigerians eat healthy and control their portions! I’ve come to understand that most of the heaped portions I eat is truly unneccesary and that I can get by with a lot less and still enjoy myself 🙂
    I would like to know the calories in a small can of baked beans, I love baked beans! Can I substitute baked beans for the beans in the food time table?

  2. Yetunde

    finally a realistic meal plan i can follow as a nigerian thank you soooo much for uploading i will follow this meal plan to the letter. however can i eat shredded wheat cereal instead of the all bran its also rich in fibre

  3. healthychic

    and please, i wanna ask, when u say chicken/fish/goat pepper soup, is it just the soup or with fish/chicken/goat meat in it, and like how many pieces. Cos i like the eat as you like part, :-).

  4. RB

    Thank you very much for this site. I am really in love with it. I am just wondering about the appropriateness of using original honey or sacharin to replace sugar while trying to lose weight. I also didnt see water melon as part of the fruits that could be taken during the detox period.
    Isnt water melon healthy?
    Can I use honey or sacharin to relpace sugar?

  5. esohe

    hi Trim, discovered you on nairaland. glad you are here & pls dont leave o!! are u sure i wont be hungry on this meal plan? found out that after 3 to 4 weeks i fall off the weight loss wagon & eat junk again. want to do a 3 day dry fast to jump start my weightloss again (I have fasted b4 for spiritual reasons & i loose like 2 inches all over my body after it) & then start your old food weight loss table for 2 weeks. then follow this meal plan you put here then adjust it so i can stay on the weight loss wagon. what do you think?


      Thats fine, if you join the forum, you would have lots of support to help you stay on the wagon. Fasting is okay, its fine to start with fasting. YOu wont feel hungry, but when you do, drink lots of water. A good trick is to drink water with your meals, plenty water.

  6. youdee

    Is there any diet for pregnant women trying to lose weight? I kw pregnancy is not the time for wt loss but I added a lot of wt during my first pregnancy and wouldn’t like to add more this time. Thanks

  7. Hello Trim, A̶̲̥̅♏ so delighted for an avenue as such τ̅☺ talk τ̅☺ somone. Pls I seriousli need τ̅☺ loose weight buh have got a problem with eating junks a lot. Pls if its possible Ɣ☺ΰ make a meal timetable with common nigerian foods that can help ♍ε̲̣̣̣̥ loose weight. Ii wil realli βε̲̣ grateful if I can reduce. A̶̲̥̅♏ 24 Α̲̅πϑ weighin 90. Its too much for ♍ε̲̣̣̣̥ . Pls help me

    1. I sort of think that for a grown up adult its rather difficult for someone to survive on 1slice of bread and egg,for people that wake up early to leave for work, you have to eat and by the time its heading towards 12 noon you are seeing double.Are there no recomended snacks that also boost metabolism like nuts,some fruits that can be included in this plan cos realy this is under feeding your body especialy if you are the working type or active during the day.

  8. Gud day TRIMANDTRENDY, My sis enjoyd d diet plan part 1 and 2. She has finished it and actually lose 10kg in all. Pls she is askin 4 part 3 if there is any. Me am a breastfeeding mother, pls can i get g meal plan cos am growin too fat. Pls help me b4 my husband trows me out

  9. Eny

    I stumbled on our site as i checked online for a healthy meal plan for a nursing mum. I have been a size 14 and with pregnancy and all,i am almost a 16. right now,i have had to reduce my meals(also putting into consideration my baby’s nutrients). But i am trying not to eat so much/eat the wrong foods so i can stay trimmed too. I walk for 15 mins daily since i am still healing.
    Please can i follow this plan while nursing baby,is it not too stringent for someone who’s doing the exclusive feeding(and baby sucks alot and makes me so hungry and tired)? Please i would appreciate your reply

  10. DUPE

    i had a surgery on my ankle due to accdent and seriously gaining weight becos i was nt going out and i dont think its advisable for me to do u think this time table will nt affect my healing process becos i will like to follow dis tymetable.i used to wear 14 but noe i wear 16.


      Hi amaka, can you join our forum and start posting your food and exercise diary there? so that way i can see what you eat daily and how much exercise you do and advice thus?

  11. Aisha Zakari

    Pls I eat gala a lot , but since I started my weight program, I learnt much abt counting calories, is dat calorie content dat is written on gala correct?

  12. JQ

    I just decided to get really serious about my weightloss and while looking for a healthy meal plan I stumbled across this
    There are so many varying advices&i’d like to clarify some things
    1st off,is it healthy to eat strictly protein for err 2wks and what fruits are not good?

  13. chynkere

    Hi, I gave birth to a baby last year via C-section. Wasn’t able to tie my tummy because it scar was still hurting me up till the 6th month. Now, I have a big tummy and would really want it to go back to normal- as flat as it used to be. Please help, its really urgent.

    Warm regards,


      you need to start working out and eating healthy , honestly, you would lose the belly. you can join our forum and stART posting there for more information

  14. Maureen

    I want to say a very big thank you for the table i just got. this my first time visiting your site. I will spread the news and I know most of my friends will want to visit your site too.

    Please can you help me too with that of that that will help with flat tommy.


  15. Omolewa

    Hi trim i’v been searching for a nigerian diet plan for sometimes nw so am glad that i found yours.i’m actually 18 bt my stature looks 24ish bt my problem is that i’m lazy when it comes to exercise and its kinda hard to eat right when i do the cooking at home plus i’ve been idle for close to 6 months. I rily want to lose weight but as a student there is the feeling of eating heavily after been stressed. I would rily appreciate your help and advice (putting cash as a contending factor).thanks

    1. Weightloss Expert

      Hi Ejiro,
      Do not panic, the first step to weight loss is lack of tension and a relaxed mind and atmosphere. Empty your mind. Kindly follow the proposed timetable and also join the ongoing weight loss challenge; it will greatly help you. Cheers!

  16. Toyin

    Am fat and not proud,i have very low self esteem, sometimes I hate myself. I spend most time looking at mi self on the mirror. I just simply want to lose wight, I hv tried but nothing.

  17. Estee

    Hi Trim,
    Thanks a lot for this diet plan. My only problem is consistency. I am a breastfeeding mum who had C session 4 months ago. I want to loose weight but the hunger I feel after each breastfeed is so much that I end up ruining my diet plan. Pls help me. I weigh 100kg

    1. Weightloss Expert

      Dear Estee,
      I know you may feel like theres nothing you can do right now but first you should consult your doctor and you can workout with post pregnancy workout dvds that way, you wont feel guilty when you eat… Plus do try to eat right and healthy..

  18. Omowumex

    Hi trim
    Thanks for this tym table….i don’t like oat can i take kellogs and wheat bread every other breakfast….and am an early ulcer patient can i still adhere 2 dis plan. Thanks. I currently weigh 71 at age 28. I want my self back to 60 to 62 for a start.

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