Ogbono Seed and Weight Loss

Ogbono is one of our major soups here in Nigeria. Its a soup we eat regularly. Ogbono is actually good for health, and weight loss, but when used to make soup, what determines the calorie content is actually the additives in the soup, your PALM OIL and all that.

However, today, we are not talking about the amount of calories in Ogbono soup, Rather, we are going to talk about the medicinal/herbal value of Ogbono Seed.

You would be shocked that our very own Ogbono seed is now being sold abroad, as a drug for weight loss.

The scientific name of Ogbono seed is Irvingia gabonensis. They have converted it to powder form and put into capsules, and it is being sold as a weight loss drug!!! A bottle of about 120 capsules is sold for fifty dollars or thereabout.

Now how does Ogbono seed work for Weight Loss?

Ogbono seed is said to promote weight loss in various ways. One of the emthods by which it does so is via inhibition of the enzyme called amylase. Amylase is responsible for absorption of sugar in the body. By decreasing the level of amylase, less sugar is absorbed by the body.

The second method by wich it does this is to increase the level of a hormone known as adiponectin.

Ogbono helps weight loss by also increasing the levels of leptin in the body, a hormone that reduces the apetite!

Lastly, Ogbono helps weight loss by inhibiting an enzyme called glycerol-3-phosphate dehydrogenase, and by doing this, it reduces the amount of blood sugar converted to fat.

Case study done Abroad actually showed that the seeds help to achieve weight loss.

Who would have ever guessed that our Ogbono Seed would ever become a weight loss supplement?

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  1. Anonymous

    Hi Doc,
    that's great; are the capsules available in nigeria? In the alternative, can we here ground it and take it like that; say a teasspoon twice daily? mix the ground seed with other food and eat etc?


  2. I have a suggestion. I fried one small can of tomato sauce with canola oil (or olive oil) and condiments for about 20 minutes. After that, I separated the fried tomatoes from the oil. I used the fried tomatoes to cook egusi soup and I used the oil to make ogbono soup instead of palm oil. It taste the same BUT with a lot healthier and much fewer calories I would imagine!

    1. Anonymous

      That’s because you cook with other fattening ingredients, especially palm oil. Andbthen, you eat it with fufu, pounded yam, eba, etc which contain too much carbohydrates. Try eating it with sunripe plantain flour for a change. Then cook without palm oil.
      Remember that exercise cannot be excluded from your routine if you must loss weight.

  3. Zrock

    Na wa ooo… Dis is interesting. I think its best.. If u just grind a spoonful of ogbono and drink it with water or any weight loss herbal tea… Dat ll definitely work as

  4. Eby

    I dont think cooking ogbono will work u have to take it fresh, i mean grind it and mix it with yogourt, also if u want to cook any kind of soup without palmoil , try peperika its changes the colour of the soup and its red dry tatashe ( bell pepper)

  5. MimiLove

    I just bought 2 bags ogbono seeds today. I took two tablespoons fulls of it (after it has been grinded into powder) and washed it down with a cup of warm water. Will keep y’all updated with my progress!

      1. MimiLove

        Yes, I do feel as though it is working, I have seen a huge reduction in my stomach area.

        I think it acts as more of an appetite suppressant as opposed to a fat burner.

        I didn’t feel as though the grounded ogbono seeds were working, so I have been taking the whole seeds with water (kind if like taking a tablet).

        However, I do experience some mild migraines. The seeds come in different sized, so I usually swallow a couple at a time. I think this is the reason for the migraines!!! I must be taking too much at a time. The seeds are much more stronger than the grounded ogbono.

  6. Mimi

    The migraines/headaches from taking the ogbono seeds/powder is a sign of the body detoxing I’ve been told.

    So I guess it is a good thing, but I dnt think I can take the headaches anymore so
    I am going to give it a rest. Lol!

  7. Osato

    Lol.This is an interesting one.Currently,I’m on Forever Clean9 pack and dis is my Day6.It’s working magic,I’ve lost an inch size already.It’s really cleaning out d toxins in me,after now,I cn diet n lose weight.I realised its d too much toxins in d system dat makes one’s effort to lose weight abortive.When I’m done with dis 9days programme,I’l start a healthy diet n I’l definitely give dis ogbono a shot.U can try eating bitter kola(garcinia) too and alot of garlic.Garlic smell offensive tho,u cud just swaloow it instead of chewing.

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