A lot of people never know how much calories they take in. Imagine if i tell you you can eat a cup of rice or beans and eat almost up to 800calories……you won’t believe. But if you make your rice the way they make it in my house….then you are on that road. Palm oil is like the love of my mum’s life. One cup of rice (jollof) could contain 3tablespoons of palm oil, talkless of when she is cooking soups …which brings us to the topic for today, Palm oil.

Most Nigerian foods involve using palm oil, and for the Yoruba, Palm oil is a very necessary ingredient in the kitchen,

Lets break down the calorie content of palm oil:

1 table spoon of palm oil contains:

Total Fat: 13.6g

Total Carbohydrate: 0.0 g

Total Protein: 0.0 g

Total calories 120calories.

So what ever meal you eat, just by adding one tablespoon of palmoil, you have added 120calories already.

I would advise people trying to lose weight with the Nigerian diet, to reduce their intake of palm oils. When cooking, make sure you only add a little quantity to your food.

Good luck

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  1. @anonymous 1, oliveoil still has loads of calories too, though not as much as palm, lol.
    @tairebabs, groundnut oil does have lots of calories too, just try and limit your intake of it.
    @anu….lol, sometimes you just can’t avoid these foods, we grew up eating them. What i do when i really want to eat those meals is to eat very little quantity with fruits

  2. may

    I believe there is too much attention placed on how many calories of food you take in, it is better you put more attention on keeping fit and burning those calories. What i do and is working is to eat what my body craves for in a very small quantity, drink a lot of water before and after eating and exercise a lot. Eat only twice daily before 6pm. Shikenah.

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