Like i have said earlier, the problem with some of our Nigerian meals, is actually that the ingredients used in cooking them are high in calorie content. So in the end, you end up eating an average sized meal, but so many calories.

Today i would be talking about Beans. However i am going to break down the calorie content of the individual ingredients, so that if you want to eat the meal but reduce the calories, you can omit whatever you want from it. The aim of talking about them this way to break down the individual calorie content in it, so that when cooking it, you can adjust it to fit your desired calorie intake.

We have different ways of making our beans in Nigeria and Africa but i would just talk about the ingredients i use when making mine. if you have further questions,, feel free to ask.

* 1/5 teaspoon of curry powder: 1 calorie

* Salt, 1 tbsp: 0 calories

* Palm Oil, 1 tbsp: 120 calories

* Onions (1/4 slice): 16 calories

* Crayfish, 1 oz

Beans White 1 cup: 561 calories

Maggi Cubes x1: 5 calories

So that’s a total of 703 calories already!!!! Now, for each person, you have your daily calorie intake needed per day, so lets say you are trying to achieve a 1200calorie intake perday, it means you have to make sure you eat right for your remaining meals to stay in that range..the good thing about beans is the high fiber and high protein content, plus it is also filling.

When making my beans, i remove the palm oil, and if i must i add very very very little. That’s 120calories already removed from the meal!

So just make sure you take into consideration what you are eating per day, remember to calculate the amount of calories your body needs per day so you know how to balance it. I would try as much as i can to paste in the breakdown of other Nigerian foods.

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  1. But the oil fills you up and make you less hungry.

    I would guess that beans cooked with oil are not the part of the diet that makes people overweight. Having a sugary drink with the meal or eating foods made with refined flour would be much bigger problems.

  2. heidi

    Can’t remeba wen last I ate beans with palmoil I cook the beans with tomatoe and onions and and little broth from chicken and it is more healthy taste absolutely great.. But if I feel like adding oil I do but just very little. We need to start watching our weight and how healthy we are so we do not have obesity problems like the americans!

  3. Also, one cup of "raw" beans is 561, while one cup of "boiled/cooked" beans is about 251 calories. That would reduce the total calorie count for the pot of bea porridge to about 510.
    And considering the fact that may not eat it all at once, say you eat it twice, each portion would be 255 calories! I think you should go ahead and add 1 ripe plantains while you cook…just so you don't end up frying them 🙂
    Your meal would end up being about 300calories in total.

    1. E

      wow! God bless you for this. you should have seen the alarm on my face when i saw the 561 calories. I’m trying to do 660 calories a day (a bit extreme i know), so hearing that the beans alone was 561….

  4. Tolu

    please are there calorie calculators to know the calories in the various meals we eat, because this will make life easy when we have an application that we know the calories we are taking in.

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