In my past posts, i have talked a lot of times about why i think people striving for weight loss should try to avoid garri, pounded yam, and the likes. Good news for those who have been trying the diet, but are so so missing thier soups. Okra soup is a very good soup for people trying to lose weight, but without the iyan or eba oh.

For more on foods to eat while trying to lose weight, check out our weight loss timetable for Nigerian foods!!

Back to Okra soup. You could cook your okra soup with about one or two pieces of meat. Minimal amount of palm oil would be very good, and then eat the okra soup alone. Okra soup alone contains about 105calories only per serving. So imagine how much calories you are saving by taking okra soup!!!It is also high in fiber content, here is a summary of what it contains:

Okra has about 2.8g of fiber per serving, 3grams of fat, 4 grams of carbohydrates and 11 grams of protein.

So for those trying to lose weight, why not try taking okra soup ALONE as substitute any time you are tempted to eat your iyan???

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  1. Anonymous

    i think, when trying to lose weight you need carbonhydrate. You can eat your delicous bowl of eba in the afternoon and go light at night. Please you need energy to keep going

    1. Anonymous

      Pls stop wheat, wheat iڪ harmful especially when Ɣ☺u α̲̅я̩̥̊ε̲̣̣̣̥ trying to loose weight, apart fron that wheat increases blood level and it has gluten which iڪ not good for the body. Wheat has high amount of carbohydrate and it causes aging too,A̶̲̥̅♏ a living witness.

  2. omolady..

    If you want to loose weight, Why not loose it steadily instead Of doing it suddenly. Eat very small meals 5-6 times in a day instead Of 1-2 large meals. Your waist líne will definitely reduce..

  3. mildred fakoya

    if you want to lose weight go on a 1200 calorie diet don’t eat less than 1200 calories a day or else weight loss will be almost impossible. if you want to eat more than 1200 calories then you have to workout to burn calories. i did this after my second baby and didn’t have to restrict eating any food. i just count my calories with the following ratio 164 carb, 40 fat, 45 protein, 2500 sodium and 24 sugar. 1 lost 2 lbs per week. some weeks, i lost up to 6 lbs depending on how much workout i do. so if you decide you want to eat a bowl of iyan that might just be your only meal for the day but make sure your carbs and sugar are not higher than the ratio for a 1200 calorie diet.

  4. When you say ‘per serving’ it would be nice if you could give us the estimated numeric value (if it cannot be accurate) of the quantity of food you are reffering to as a serving. in grams for example. It’s good to know that not all of our Nigerian foods are loaded with calories though. Thanks for the Info it will help me count my calories better

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  6. Irene

    I personally do not believe in this eating of okro soup alone without anything to go with it. I can not do without swallowing, we are Africans. I lost about 15kg within few months of dieting and I ate okro and wheat/Semolina every day as dinner. I just make sure the size of the wheat or Semolina is not bigger than my feast and I eat it on or before 6pm with either fish or chicken then take fruits before going to bed. Yet the weight just kept going until I had to stop because I was too slim. I eat every food now in little quantity just to maintain this new weight and I have not added since then. The key is quantity control, avoid eating late, avoid fry things bake instead and drink about 4 litter of water daily.

    1. Ana

      I agree with Irene, serving size or portion eating is very important when trying to loose weight. However one very important fact to loosing weight in a healthy way is eating carbs (complex carbs). Most complex carbs are high in calorie but burn slowly to supply energy and do not get stored (as fat)in the body. I think those who are interested in loosing weight the healthy way should read up complex carbs and weight loss. You will be surprise to find out that you can eat so many foods that have been labeled taboo for weight loss.

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