In my past posts, i have talked a lot of times about why i think people striving for weight loss should try to avoid garri, pounded yam, and the likes. Good news for those who have been trying the diet, but are so so missing thier soups. Okra soup is a very good soup for people trying to lose weight, but without the iyan or eba oh.

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Back to Okra soup. You could cook your okra soup with about one or two pieces of meat. Minimal amount of palm oil would be very good, and then eat the okra soup alone. Okra soup alone contains about 105calories only per serving. So imagine how much calories you are saving by taking okra soup!!!It is also high in fiber content, here is a summary of what it contains:

Okra has about 2.8g of fiber per serving, 3grams of fat, 4 grams of carbohydrates and 11 grams of protein.

So for those trying to lose weight, why not try taking okra soup ALONE as substitute any time you are tempted to eat your iyan???

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